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  • Lycoming Engines


    Get an absolute zero-time engine from the Lycoming factory; only the original engine manufacturer can rebuild your engine to meet the exact, new engine specifications that a rebuilt engine requires. Lycoming rebuilt engines are built on the same assembly line as new and overhauled engines, following the same quality processes and manufacturing standards.

    • Rebuilt to factory new specifications
    • Zero timed log book
    • 2-year warranty (O-235 cylinders have a 1-year warranty) including parts and labour
    • One assembly line with un-paralleled attention to detail


    A Lycoming overhauled engine puts you back in flight in no time. Exchange your like-model complete operating engine with no bill-backs and update to the most current features and parts backed by a Lycoming warranty.
    • No surprise pricing. Quoted price remains valid regardless of the condition of your Lycoming core. Return your like-model complete operating engine^ and experience no hidden freight costs, penalties, or chargebacks.
    • Full testing to Factory Standard tolerances
    • 1-year parts and labor warranty, and a 2-year warranty on cylinders (except O-235 engine models which have a 1-year factory warranty)


    Factory overhauled, factory rebuilt and factory new Condition Field Overhaul
    ZERO TIMED on both factory rebuilt and factory new options Log Book Total Time on engine (TSN) remains
    YES-100% Genuine Lycoming Parts - therefore qualifies for extended TBO (if applicable) Use 100% Genuine Parts Not guaranteed (could effect TBO)
    Up to 2 year factory warranty all the way to TBO~ Warranty Usually 6 months
    Quoted price remains valid regardless of the condition of your Lycoming core. Return your like-model complete operating engine^ and experience no hidden freight costs, penalties, or chargebacks. Additional Costs Quoted price can often change once the engine has been inspected. Additional unforeseen costs can include replacement or repair of crankshafts and crankcases which can increase the original quoted price considerably.
    All current applicable Service Instructions, Letter, Bulletins & ADs complied with and documented ADs, SIs and SBs Not all mandatory

    Genuine Lycoming Roller Tappets are a testament to Lycoming's investment in innovative solutions that decrease wear characteristics compared to a traditional, flat tappet Lycoming engine. By eliminating the sliding motion between the camshaft and the tappet, the roller tappet technology maintains alignment so the roller tappet cannot loosen or turn during engine use. Thus, this technology adds durability to your Lycoming engine.

    Lycoming automatically upgrade eligible engines to their roller tappet technology at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

    Roller Tappet Technology Can be installed but at a significant additional cost
    No weld repairs of crankcase or grinding of crankshafts to salvage old components. Crankcase and crankshaft replaced if unserviceable at NO ADDITIONAL COST^ Non-Lycoming Approved Repairs Non-Lycoming approved repair schemes (salvaged parts, DER) at AN ADDITIONAL COST

    * Data is taken from both factual and documented findings of field overhauled engines. This does not represent a certain shop. All points outlined above should be questioned to your preferred engine shop prior to work commencement.

    Overhauled engines have a 1 year parts and labour warranty, with 2 years on cylinders (except O-235 which is 1 year). Rebuilt engines have a 2 year parts, labour and cylinder warranty (except O-235 cylinders which have a 1 year warranty)

    Refer to Lycoming SL250A for Lycoming Engines Full Core Exchange Policy