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Ignition & Filtration

Ignition & Filtration

For the convenience of our customers, we carry a variety of aircraft spark plugs from Champion and Tempest, Tempest oil filters, lubricants, fluids, and more.

Aircraft spark plugs are responsible for delivering electric current from the ignition system to the combustion chamber. The current is then used to ignite the fuel mixture within the aircraft’s internal-combustion engine. Electricity generated by the aircraft magneto is conducted through the ignition harness to the spark plug, where it is used to ignite the fuel in the cylinders while containing combustion pressure within the engine. There are two types of aircraft spark plugs: fine wire and massive. Cost effective but less durable, massive electrode spark plugs dominate the aircraft spark plug market. Fine wire spark plugs contain an Iridium wire within the electrode. The Iridium wire spark plugs erode at a far slower rate and burn fuel more efficiently, but are less cost effective. Designed to withstand high temperatures, pressures, and lead and carbon deposits, aircraft spark plugs accrue wear every time they are fired. This eroding eventually leads to the need for spark plug replacement. As a result, frequent spark plug inspection and maintenance is recommended for aircraft owners.


For all general aviation piston engines, the basic purpose of an engine oil filter is to help supply a continuous flow of clean oil to vital engine parts. Clean, filtered oil provides the best possible protection for engine parts during the service life of the engine. Free of harmful contaminants, engine oil is better suited to perform its multipurpose job of lubricating, sealing, cooling and cleaning. In addition to removing pollutants from engine oil and improving aircraft performance, aircraft oil filters also extend the time needed between oil changes, saving costs.

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