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  • Pneumatics Components - Vacuum & Pressure

     Pneumatics Components - Vacuum & Pressure

     Dry air pumps, filters, regulators, manifold check valves, fittings, shear couplers, and complete vacuum system kits, just to mention some of them, are part of the Aviation Pneumatic Systems.

    Malfunction of a dry air pump or other pneumatic system components while flying in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC), or at night without visual reference to the horizon and ground, can cause spatial disorientation and or loss of control. This can result in death, bodily injury, or property damage. Aircrafts operating in these conditions must have a functional standby pneumatic source installed or a backup electric attitude gyro instrument. The pilot must be familiar with standby operations and have tested its function prior to entering IMC or night conditions. An annunciator light to warn of system failure is also recommended. If a pneumatic system has failed it must be repaired before conducting any future flights in IMC or night conditions. Installation of components or repairs of a pneumatic system must be functionally tested before the aircraft is operated in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC), or at night without visual reference to the horizon and ground.
    Please see: FAA-P-8740-52 

    • Tempest AA442CW12 Dry Air Pump
Part#: AA442CW12

      PUMP: AIR,DRY,OHC,EXCH / 442CW12

      Tempest AA442CW12 Dry Air Pump Country of origin United States  ECCN / USML 9A991.d  Schedule B 8414100000  Dimensions (L x W x H) 8.125 x 8.125 x 7.35 IN Total Shelf Life (days) No...

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    • Tempest AA3215CC Tornado 3000 Dry Air Pump
Part#: AA3215CC

      Tempest AA3215CC Tornado Dry Air Pump / AA3215CC

      Tempest AA3215CC Tornado Dry Air Pump Tempest has put a lot of thought into the design of their dry air pumps. Their wear indicator port permits mechanics to inspect the pump interior for signs of wear. Tempest offers a 3-Year, 1300 hour warranty on...

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    • Tempest AAD9-14-5 Filter Element / Part#: AAD9-14-5

      Tempest AAD9-14-5 Pneumatic Filter / AAD9-14-5

      AAD9-14-5 Pneumatic Filter Alternates with Airborne D9-14-5, Rapco RAD9-14-5 and Cessna C294501-0103. Used in 1J2 series filter assemblies (except 1J2-2). Replacement Frequency500 Flight Hours / Annually which ever comes 1stUsed in 1J2 Series Inlet...

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    • ARB3-5-1 Pneumatic Garter Filter , Tempest A/Accessories ARB3-5-1 Pneumatic Garter Filter .
This is a spongelike garter filter that goes on the pressure regulator on vacuum systems. This should be replaced every 100 hours.

      Tempest ARB3-5-1 Pneumatic Garter Filter / ARB3-5-1

      Tempest ARB3-5-1 Pneumatic Garter Filter Alternates with Airborne B3-5-1 and Rapco RAB3-5-1. Replaces AAB3-5-1. This is a spongelike garter filter that goes on the pressure regulator on vacuum systems. This should be replaced every 100 hours. The Tempest...

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