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  • Aviation Pump Filtration & Fuel Handling Equipment

    Aviation Filtration & Fuel Handling Equipment

     From the refinery to the wing and every transfer points in between, correct filtration elements, vessels and condition monitoring are essencial to ensure clean dry fuel. Particles and water contaminates the integrity of crucial on-board aviation fuel systems.

    Filter elements have been used by the aerospace industry for over 50 years. Correct design, testing and manufacturing of these products is proven daily with their use aboard most aerospace applications.

    We offer a broad range of air, fuel, lubrication oil and hydraulic oil filters that improve system operation and efficiency while meeting the stringent performance requirements of many industry and military standards.

     You could choose from an assortment of bypass, indicators, switches and differential pressure indicators for all types of aerospace applications. 

    Scavenge Lube Oil Filters, available in FAA certified kits or as original equipment, provide superior engine protection to operators of turbine powered helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. By filtering oil downstream of the scavenge pumps, these filters remove contaminants and protect the oil cooler, reservoir and engine.

    Filtration and Monitoring

    Vessels, Accessories, Cartridges, Differential Pressure Gauges, Conversions, Pressure Relief Valves, Control Valves, Quality Testing Kits, Decals and Labels, Sampling Containers and Jars

    Ground Fueling

    Hydrant Pit Valves, Ground Bonding Devices, Pressure Regulators, Nozzles and Couplers, Aviation Fuel Hose, Hose Reels, Deadman Controls, Cardlock Fuel Systems, Refueling Cabinets, Spill Kits, Wing Protection, Fuel Dispensers

    Fuel Pumps

    Other than aircraft with gravity-feed fuel systems, all aircraft have at least one fuel pump to deliver clean fuel under pressure to the fuel metering device for each engine. Engine-driven pumps are the primary delivery device. Auxiliary pumps are used on many aircraft as well. Sometimes known as booster pumps or boost pumps, auxiliary pumps are used to provide fuel under positive pressure to the engine-driven pump and during starting when the engine-driven pump is not yet up to speed for sufficient fuel delivery. They are also used to back up the engine-driven pump during takeoff and at high altitude to guard against vapor lock. On many large aircraft, boost pumps are used to move fuel from one tank to another. There are many different types of auxiliary fuel pumps in use. Most are electrically operated, but some hand-operated pumps are found on older aircraft.

    Fuel Filters

    Two main types of fuel cleaning device are utilized on aircraft. Fuel strainers are usually constructed of relatively coarse wire mesh. They are designed to trap large pieces of debris and prevent their passage through the fuel system. Fuel strainers do not inhibit the flow of water. Fuel filters generally are usually fine mesh. In various applications, they can trap fine sediment that can be only thousands of an inch in diameter and also help trap water. The technician should be aware that the terms “strainer” and “filter” are sometimes used interchangeably. Micronic filters are commonly used on turbine-powered aircraft. This is a type of filter that captures extremely fine particles in the range of 10–25 microns. A micron is 1/1,000 of a millimeter.


    New and overhauled aircraft pumps from Dukes, Weldon, Airborne, Lear Romec, Tempest, Continental Motors, Pesco and others.


    Aircraft hydraulic power packs from a variety of manufacturers, including Cessna and Prestolite. 

    • Parker Hannifin Airborne K-1691 Valve Regulating
Part#: K-1691

      Tronair® Pump / K-1691

      Tronair® K-1691 Pump / Part#: K-1691 Country of Origin: USA UOM : Each Ship Dimensions : 26.5 x 12.5 x 11 inches Shipping Weight : 26 pounds Manufacturer P/N : K-1691 ECCN : EAR99

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    • Parker Hannifin Airborne 1H19-5 Valve Regulating
Part#: 1H19-5

      VALVE: REGULATING / 1H19-5

      Parker Hannifin Airborne 1H19-5 Valve Regulating / Part#: 1H19-5   Country of origin United States  ECCN / USML EAR99  Schedule B 8481809015  Dimensions (L x W x H) 6.88 x 4.07 x ...

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    • Saf-Air P5000 Aluminum/Stainless 1/2" NPT Lock Open Oil Drain Valve / Part#: P5000b

      VALVE: DRAIN,OIL,AL, 1/2IN-14 NPT / P5000

      Saf-Air P5000 Aluminum/Stainless 1/2" NPT Lock Open Oil Drain Valve Part#: P5000 The Saf-Air Aviation P5000 oil drain valve makes changing hot oil easier and safer. With our Saf-Air valve, simply push and turn to lock open. No wrench is necessary! Its...

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    • Purolator Facet 638465-03 FAA-PMA Transmission Filter Element Assembly
Part#: 638465-03

      ELEMENT: FILTER,OIL / 638465-03

      ELEMENT: FILTER,OIL, Purolator Advanced Filtration , Part # 638465-03 Purolator 638465-03 is a Transmission Filter that is approved for Bell 206A, B, L, L-1, L-3, L-4, 214A, B, C   Alternates with Bell 206-040-128-1 Filter. The Purolator...

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    • SALE
      Aeronautical Standard AN6235-3A Filter Element, Fuel
Part#: 572744

      Purolator Filter Element / AN6235-3A / 572744


      Was: $11.99
      Now: $10.99
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