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  • Aircraft Seals & Gaskets

    Aircraft Seals & Gaskets

    Aircraft seals and gaskets provide durable sealing solutions that withstand all the challenging environments of flight. From high speeds to cold temperatures and chemical exposure, aircraft rubber moldings are designed to meet the needs of all of your aviation sealing applications.

    A wide selection of elastomeric materials also ensures you’ll receive aircraft gaskets that meet stringent industry requirements.  Aviation seals are used in various aircraft assembly applications, including hatch covers, window gaskets, airplane wings, and other parts that require an effective seal in challenging environments. Aircraft seals and gaskets are also a critical component in the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of aviation components.

    Aircraft seals and gaskets are specially designed to withstand cold temperatures, high speeds, and exposure to fluids. Whether they are used in the wing or window, aircraft gaskets will always provide an effective seal and provide protection from harsh environmental conditions.  

    Depending on the material selected, aircraft rubber moldings provide varying levels of:

    • Corrosion protection
    • Degradation resistance
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Heat or flame insulation
    • High temperature resistance

    Seals must operate in almost any environment, including vacuum,  aerodynamic and media pressure, extreme hot or cold, fuel or chemically corrosive, and with the ability to seal moving surfaces.

    Seals and gaskets can be made from plastics, metals, or rubber for extreme conditions, but those made from certain composites and/or metal will outperform standard ones. Seals and gaskets made from RCF Rishon material outperform other elastomeric seals and gaskets, 

    • Brown Aircraft EC-880 Silicone Base Tire Tube Talc
Part#: EC-880


      Brown Aircraft EC-880 Silicone Base Tire Tube Talc / Part#: EC-880 Warning: This product may contain a chemical known by the State of California to cause health issues. Details found here Sprinkle on inside of...

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    • The T-1223 is a 5/32" x 3/32" oval vinyl cord that is used in tying and bundling of electrical wires and cables throughout the aircraft.

      LACING: VINYL / T1223

      Brown Aircraft T1223-1000 Lacing1000 / Part#: T1223: Koro Seal is a round cord that is ideal for lacing wire bundles and other similar uses. Oil and UV resistant. 100 foot roll. The T-1223 is a 5/32" x 3/32" oval vinyl cord that is used in tying and...

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