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Aviation Lighting Systems

Lighting Systems for Aviation

Emergency lighting systems, cockpit lighting systems, night vision options, cabin mood lighting, passenger reading lights, exterior lighting.

We are a supplier of interior and exterior lighting products for commercial aircraft, regional and business jets, military aircraft and helicopters. 

Replace outdated interior and exterior lighting products with the latest LED technology solutions. The newer lighting systems are significantly more robust, reliable, durable, lightweight and energy-efficient, providing increased performance and leading to extensive overall cost savings. 

Exterior lighting

Your aircraft’s exterior lighting is critical to operational safety. We customize solutions to match the size and shape of your aircraft. The strength and resilience of our exterior lighting systems is why you should upgrade. Our exterior systems include anti-collision lighting, flood and spot lights and navigation lights.

Anti-collision lighting

Our upper and lower fuselage, tail and wing strobe lights are resistant to the toughest environmental conditions, such as high temperatures, electro-magnetic interference, vibration and shock. As an additional safety feature, near-end-of-life indicators notify operators when the unit needs to be replaced.

Flood and spot lights

Our robust LED lighting systems support your aircraft’s safe operation on the ground, during taxiing and in-flight. We provide exterior flood and spot lights, landing, taxi and wing inspection lights, as well as external emergency lights. Logo lights are also available.

Navigation lights

Your aircraft’s safety relies on the indication of aircraft position. Our LED navigation lighting systems are able to resist extreme high temperatures, electro-magnetic interference, vibration and shock. Our three-light system includes a forward red light on the left side, a forward green light on the right side and a rear white light.